Escorted Group Travel

…our Specialty

We typically offer 2 to 5 Escorted Group Tours each year. Group sizes have ranged from 18 to 52 travelers. Groups usually involve international travel and incorporate a Cruise as the focal point, with our Land Tours inserted near the originating and  destination ports, along with our private Day Tours in the various ports of call.  We tailor each of these to meet the needs of our customers, so they are often one-of-a kind creations. We include only the best experiences we’ve uncovered through research, or from our years in the business.

You will be taken seamlessly from home to the destinations and back as a private group where each member is made to feel like “Family”. The travel components are optimized for best possible group pricing, and assembled into easily executed itineraries which are  sure to inspire you and reward you with lasting memories. Typical inclusions: Booklets which describe your tours, day-by day detailed itineraries, individualized  accounting spreadsheets which reveal component costs and payment history along with daily temperature averages in each local, embroidered logo wear such a polo shirts, jackets, ball caps; luggage tags, hand bags, etc. And you need not feel confined because we allow deviations, such as “Hey, I want to use my reward miles for the outbound flight”, or “Can I depart two days early and stop over in Los Angeles to visit family en route”, or “My family has been to Amsterdam several times , so can I skip your Day Tour and use the savings to visit the Keukenhof Gardens instead”, or perhaps  everyone on the motor coach says “we’re tired…can we just cancel the rest of today’s tour and return to the hotel for some local shopping on our own”. The way we see it, we are family, so why not deviate as best we can to meet the consensus desires of the group!