Who we are

We are a full-service, storefront travel agency located in Aiea, Hawaii, on the island of Oahu. Ater incorporating in 1988, we moved to our current location. During our 26 years of serving the traveling public, we have become keenly aware of the need to keep customers happy and eager to refer friends and relative our way.

The Travel Industry is huge…roughly $8 billion dollars of annual spending, so it is little wonder that conglomerates have merged, merged some more, and bought out most of the small players. Impersonal mega websites are the norm. We are successfully bucking the trend by doing what we’ve done best – dealing with customers in a friendly, honest, straight-forward manner…as we ourselves would want to be treated.  We emphasize planning and assembling itineraries which are seamless, cost-effective, and tailored to each travelers needs. That means we must get to really know you, and pretend we ARE you, so we can fullfil the travel dreams living in your head.  Our customers inevitably become our friends as a result.

We strive to be that sort of Travel Agency for you, but that does not mean we are without clout when it come to working with vendors.  We have plenty of size and experinece to represent your best interests if a vendor happens to perform poorly.

We invest heavily in technologies and search travel tools to ensure your experience is fully coordinated, positive, and without surprise. At the same time, we exhaust a myriad of travel options, selecting those which best suit your needs and which ensure that you do not overpay for components.  We aim to be your ally, not your adversary in this process!

Owners and day-to day managers are Nancy and Lon Eastlund since day one.  In their words: “Making a profit in this business is far more difficult than it was 10 years ago, but turning customers into friends is easier than ever.  That’s what keeps us going.”