Who we are:

A Full-Service, storefront travel agency located in Aiea, Hawaii (Oahu). Incorporated in 1988, and located at our  current address since 1991. We have always been  aware of the need to keep customers happy and eager to refer friends or relatives. The resulting “free  advertising” is vital to our success!

The Travel Industry is huge…an estimated 275 million worldwide jobs are sustained by Travel. That’s 9% of all employment! So it is little wonder we are besieged by the din and clamor coming from those seeking their share of the action. Travel conglomerates have emerged, merged, and re-merged. Small players disappear or are absorbed. Impersonal mega websites without direct contact or counseling are now the norm. Thankfully, we are  bucking that trend by dealing with customers face to face, in a helpful, friendly, honest, straight-forward manner…as we ourselves would want to be treated.  After researching options, we plan and assemble itineraries which are seamless, cost-effective, and tailored to each traveler’s needs.  That means we must first get to know you, and then try to live out your itinerary (in our heads) before presenting the final product for approval. Our goal is to exceed your expectations. That’s why our customers typically become our friends.

By eliminating unpleasant surprises and steering customers away from under-performers, we add real value. And if a vendor does happen to mess up an itinerary, we work on the traveler’s behalf to remedy the situation. Do you really get that with an internet-only travel site? Not likely. We strive to be the Traveler’s strongest ally. 


Nancy and Lon Eastlund have owned and managed the company since day one. In their words: “Making a profit in this business is more difficult than it was 10-20 years ago, but turning customers into friends is easier than ever.  That’s what keeps us going.”